April 14, 2010

TRAVELOGUE [Marinduque Island]

I still haven't got the chance to tell you stories about our trip. I was so pissed-off when the trip was cancelled but then as the adage goes "if there's a will there's a way"... so here we are :)

I couldn't be much excited because my family don't have any province to go to. We're purely Manileño. Lucky for us that my BIL invited us in their hometown with free lounging! :))

stayed in a very comfy room. fully air-conditioned. CLEAN BATHROOM.
and WIFI zone. weee.

Ryan and my 3rd sister at Village Sunrise Inn.
Just beside BIL's house.

WE were there because of two things: MORIONES festival and the BEACH!

then the Luneta Park

Yes, they have their own version of Luneta Park beside the sea.
Take note: cleaner (not comparable really) than Manila Bay.

Very picturesque interior. My sister is feeling it!

my cute nephew's becoming a promdi. :))

then early the following morning, it's time
to hit the beach!

you'll just fall in-love

but okay, it's still scorching hot there. And what's the best way
to conquer the heat and your always-feeling-empty stomach??

The best thing about halo-halo for me is the MILK
(bec. all of the ingredients' taste is mixed with it).
When you sip it, it really satisfies my thirst.

And Ryan made a lot of sand castles!
When I say a lot I'm not overstating! :))

Okay, so I've said enough. You don't wanna miss half of your life so go and experience Moriones festival! :)

Tata for now!

(draft post for over a week! finally got it finished and published! )

xoxo, G

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