April 9, 2010

no photos.

Okay, so here's a little BIG something:
Yesterday, kins and I got our clearance. We passed! We didn't flunk in any subjects. So there's a reason to celebrate. With my civilian clothes in my bag, I immediately dressed up! Kins is like a girl, fickle minded. Been changing plans. But yesterday's change of plans was different.

We took the cab to greenbelt, our usual hangout place. About to buy tickets for the movie but then her mom called him. I didn't know why or what was it about but that cause us not to buy tickets. Just strolled around the mall. Met up with her sister with her sister's bestfriends currently lounging at starbucks. Of course, he introduced me. I froze. As always. They said: Nice meeting you. I just smiled. Did I just forget to reply: likewise? And so we left right away. Bought cold drink at Big Chill first. Because it's scorching hot in Manila, and yes! even inside the mall. Kins ate merienda at Subway. Our both favorite because of their sandwiches and OATMEAL COOKIES! The best!

Kins reminded me of his one rule (or maybe a request) before the meet-up: No crazy/weird dancing. That made me LAUGH! :))

Her sister met up with us. We took the cab again to Powerplant mall in Rockwell. We strolled around the mall and forgot about the time. We came just in time for the Clash of The titans movie. Inside the movie theatre were kins parents, uncles, aunts and nieces. There was like 20 of us! It's my first time to meet all of them. Except kins parents which I've met during the swimming party I had with my friends. The movie was not exceptional but then it's one of the most unforgettable movie. I guess I don't have to tell you why.

Dinner at Kaya after. Kins' family's favorite restaurant. We sat in front of his parents. His dad was encouraging us to take up Law in his subtle ways. I could only smile. I can't see myself as a lawyer, sorry future FIL. But I just want you to know that I'm encouraging Kins the best way I could. He's just too conscious with his age. A little chit chat here and there while eating was more relaxing. Then I thought we're about to go home, but then they still wanted to have coffee at the Starbucks. Kins not a fan of Sbucks but I'm otherwise. Yee! Chatting with kins pretty nieces. They're so cool I was expecting to sit with them to play Killer killer but then I have to sit on the adult table (we're too many that's why we can't all sit together) to chat with kins' parents and cousins while sipping coffee, mocha frap for me. Kins' the youngest among his cousins. Most of them have children already. Spent an hour or so. Chatting, laughing because of Kins. :) Then we called it a day. I called it a dream.

Kins family drove me home. I was little bit shy. But it was surreal.

I have never been introduced as someone's girlfriend to my someone's family. Yesterday was my first time. I've never thought it would happen soon. Well, was that soon after 20 months??? It's for you to judge. But I feel so ecstatic.

So that was the highlight. No photos albeit I brought my camera with me. Too shy. No photos. Just words.


It's too long. I don't know if I made sense. If its interesting. Or not. And so? This is for my future babykins. You'll get to read this. You'll know the story. And the LOVE.

bye, G

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