April 5, 2010

what's crackin'?

SO, we didn't make it. we were just 5 minutes late. the ship was gone. Just when we're about to go back to Manila, some people in the pier taught us another way to go to Marinduque. Though two decided to go back home, the four of us were tough enough to push through. What's a little adventure in life right?

We ended up in General Luna- the farthest part of Quezon. Sitting on a bench. Waiting for the boat. We can see the Marinduque Island from there! We waited for five hours. But those five hours weren't wasted time. We happened to witness their Holy Week tradition.

I don't know what they're called. But we call them pom-pom guys.

They also holds aggressive penitence by whipping their backs to repent for
their sins. Well, not only in this place. Filipinos are known for this tradition.
But it's our first time to see it live. To my shock, I wasn't able to capture it.
But then I saw them cleansing their back in the sea. Salt water. Wow.

Then Ryan and I went to the plaza, just a stone throw away from
where we're staying.
They also have their own version of Morion.

And more pom-pom guys!

And they have an 'ubusan pom-pom game!'

It was pretty bizarre to be in a place where you least expect. Where you knew no one. Where you can't buy foods because you just don't know the place. It's not safe. But it was an awesome once-in-a-lifetime experience.

But I tell you, no more happenings like this. Next time, we'll go by air. No more travels like this! :))

xx, G

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