May 23, 2008

Analog Love

The art of photography. Amazing. Captivating. Expressive. Passion. Elusive. Abstract. A photograph is life distilled and preserved for eternity. A photograph conveys, in a way no words can.

One of the things that keep me busy this summer is my photography class. It wasn't planned at all. Dad just asked me if I am interested since I won't be doing anything sensible for my vacation. Curiosity is one factor why I said yes eagerly. Didn't it amaze you like it amazes me when you see photographs like so real, so well detailed, so captivating, so eloquent and all. That drives me. I am just a rookie with this field but I am thirsting to learn more and with that I hope I'll go beyond.

The photo above was taken on Saturday, my first exposure. The catch was we're only allowed to use analog cameras with 100 ISO films. That's a big twist knowing that in today's digital world where we are used to see our photos right after we click. Well, its just a matter of challenge.
I thought we're just shooting landscapes and nature but little did I know that we're taking portraiture instead. It was pretty tiring shooting 6 models under the scorching heat of the sun but it was undeniably fun and its so inspiring. One day... one day...

May 9, 2008


"Jab... straight... jab... Okay six times! Jab.. straight.. jab.. straight.. jab.. straight.." Whooo! Today was the official start of my knockout workout, boxing sessions. It started with a warm-up exercise then the start of the show. I had my hands and wrists wrapped and lace up the gloves. My personal trainor assisted me with everything from the boxing punches to the foot work. In just 10 minutes I had my whole body sweating exceptionally. It's definitely one of the best exercise for you work all the muscles in your body. After one hour of an extreme workout, I also got a very pain relieving massage.

Above is the photo of the deserted boxing ring. It was 09:00pm when I had this snap shot just before we leave the place. It was a hella of an experience.