November 5, 2009

Sa Aking Pagtanda

This really made me cry. I love my parents to bits and I promise that I would take care of them till their last breathe and no matter how busy I would be in the future, I would always make time to visit them.


I made this blog, for one core reason. And that reason is simply to blog... on what's going on on my everyday life, life with kins, what I love and hate and all that jazz. So that in the future when I get to have my own kids I'll let them read this so that they'll know more about who their mom is.

*I hope I'll get to experience motherhood*

Baby, when I grow old and you don't like my fashion statement anymore, don't laugh at me or embarrass me, just subscribe me to Vogue or Cosmopolitan magazine. Maybe, because I have aged, I forgot to re-apply for subscription.

ILY. :)

xoxo, G

November 4, 2009

What I had for lunch today:

Fettucine, mashed potato and grilled chicken fillet with yummy farmer mushroom sauce.

Supermoist Chocolate Cake by Cake Club (of Diamond Hotel) courtesy of Kins.

Kins' been spoiling me with cakes from Cake Club. The cakes are divine. There's one more I have yet to eat. I'll save that for tomorrow. :)

You can indulge in Diamond Hotel desserts at Rockwell, power plant mall.


November 3, 2009


How am I spending my sem break??...

It's my addiction for months now. I can't stop lookleting. :) Whenever I have nothing to do. I'll just open my notebook and start lookleting.

It's super fun! If you love fashion, you must try this and I bet you'll get hooked too! Here are some of my works:

Classy @ werq:

Off to school:



Its the next big thing I bet!

My looklet: GoingGaga
Add me as a friend. :)

xoxo, G