June 27, 2009

don't bother.

I hate it when people look into your eyes and tell you "you're beautiful".
They only look 'till skin deep.

I hate it when you tell someone that you're jealous and they answer back not to worry because you're prettier.
Please, it's more than just the beauty outside.

June 26, 2009

Gem's back!

Okay, I've been in a hiatus for over a year now. Actually, I have no plans or whatsoever to continue this blog. But due to an unseen circumstance, I know decided to continue.

Thanks to Chic! My photography classmate that turned out to be a very dear friend to me. We had the opportunity to bond again yesterday at the opening of the second branch of JuBytes computer shop of our another photo mate, Ate Ju!

She blogged about it too!

I'm officially back and blogging!

Hello world! :)